Lord Help Me, but I Agree with Brooke (General Discussion)

by Steamfan339 ⌂ @, Monday, December 02, 2019, 6:43PM (10 days ago) @ takerkid

I never thought I'd see the day where I agreed with Brooke about ANYTHING but today it finally happened. She's absolutely right when she says Thomas is a monster and Shauna is taking advantage of the situation. Ridge refuses to open his eyes to either of these things particularly his son's predatory tendencies. I know father's want to the see the best in their kids but at what point do you stop denying reality and accept the fact the fact that your son is a dangerously unbalanced sexual predator who goes after emotionally vulnerable women. It's a hard pill t swallow but Ridge needs to get a big glass of water and take it like a man.

It's not that I disagree with Brooke. She is correct on a lot of points about Thomas, about Shauna, Flo, and even about Ridge.

The problem is her hypocrisy makes her lose all credibility as a character.

If Thomas is a sexual predator, what does that make her? How many times has she used her sexuality to lure men into her bed? How many sexual scandals has she had in her life? How many times has she pursued and slept with married men? Chased after vulnerable men, or men who were in love with someone else?

She thinks Thomas is a monster because he kept the secret about Beth and used Douglas to manipulate Hope. What does that make her? How many times has she used her children to cling to Ridge, when he wanted to be with Taylor or Caroline over her? How many times has she lied about paternities and children? Wasn't she going to pass Bill's daughter as Eric's? Didn't she fake a pregnancy because she knew Ridge would leave her? Didn't she marry Whip just so people would never find out she slept with her daughter's husband and got pregnant with him? Didn't she keep Thomas' paternity secret and keep Ridge away from his baby, because she knew he would leave her for Taylor?

She thinks Shauna is unforgivable because she kept the secret about Beth and went after her husband. Wait... how many married men has she pursued? And didn't she just draw up sole custody papers and encourage her daughter to go behind a grieving father's back and take his son away from him? Didn't she think Hope caused Thomas' death and decide to keep it from her husband?

She thinks Ridge should turn his back on his son and even suggested Thomas deserves to be in jail. This is the pot calling the kettle black again. Her daughter thought she ended someone's life, left him to DIE in acid but I never heard her saying Hope should get help and she didn't turn her back on her. She kept the secret. Let's talk about her brother Storm, who shot an old woman in the ribs and left her bleeding to death in a showroom. Didn't she beg Stephanie not to press charges? What about her father or her son? Isn't her son (Rick) a serial attempted killer, who tried to push a man off a building, shot a man and kept many secrets? I never heard Brooke saying Rick needs help, is a monster and she certainly didn't turn her back on him.

Brooke herself isn't a paragon of virtue, legally or morally. Especially morally. But legally, she also has her own share of crimes. Pushing a man off a cliff (after Hope confirmed she was NOT in danger) and lying to the police about it is one of them, but it's not the only one.

Bottom line, I don't disagree with Brooke but she is still a joke to me. This show is full of hypocrites but IMO she definitely wins the gold medal in that department. I just want her to keep her mouth shut for once. Give Ridge the divorce he wants, let her daughter live her life, stay single and focus on other things for a while. The joke will be on her when Hope starts defending Thomas and getting closer and closer to him. At least this part could be interesting.

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