Top 10 Male soap performers 2019 (General Discussion)

by Steamfan339 ⌂ @, Monday, December 02, 2019, 5:22PM (10 days ago) @ Hit-Girl

Since i posted the female top 10... ;-)

The ladies of b&b sure did better!

:ouch only 3 (out of 20) actors are mentioned! The 3 bests, in my opinion. But still not a good result, given that B&B is supposedly the most watched soap in the world, and the 3 other soaps all listed 5 or 6 names! The actresses did better, thankfully (4 out of 15)

They are by far my 3 favorite male actors too. Hopefully one of them wins an Emmy next year. The 3 had some good material this year. :cool

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