Sally is more disgusting than ever, Quinn was right (General Discussion)

by Steamfan339 ⌂ @, Monday, December 02, 2019, 5:15PM (5 days ago) @ Antigua

I don't even like Wyatt, but why would he stay with a woman who would drop him for his brother in a NY minute if Liam asked her?

Quinn was right all along. She has no redeeming qualities. A lying thief, a user, an opportunist who is desperate to cling to any man who gives her the time of day. She has zero appeal, zero ambition, zero personality, nothing.

She claimed to love Thomas but it didn't stop her from stealing MILLIONS of $$$ from his company and lying to his face about it. She stalked Liam and professed her love to him after he threw millions dollars at her.

Had she found Rick, Thorne, or Ridge instead of Wyatt on the beach, she would have jumped in bed with any Forrester or other rich guy. She sided with Thomas against Wyatt and now she calls him Liam?

She is soooo embarrassing to watch. Why would Quinn want such a disgraceful bum for her son? He needs to ditch her ASAP, he will be dodging a bullet.

Well, I agree with those who say Wyatt is just looking for a pretext to be mad at Sally because deep down he doesn't really want to be with her. He only went back to her because he couldn't be with Flo after what she did. Even DB says Flo is the love of his life so I believe him.

But as the same time, I agree that Wyatt always looked like some kind of rebound / third choice for Sally. Would she be with Wyatt if Thomas hadn't dumped her and Liam hadn't rejected her for months? No. Would she have waited for Wyatt when he left her, if Thomas had come back for her (instead of Hope) and wanted another chance with her? I doubt it. Would she still want Wyatt, if Liam were interested in her and let her know? I also doubt it. What she claimed to feel for Liam was more than a crush. She was quite desperate for him and only moved on after he shut her down repeatedly. I don't think the fact she called him Liam is just a slip. She may not even realize it but I'm sure he is still somewhere in her mind and the only reason she will claim she wants Wyatt is because nobody else wants her. She is settling 100%, IMO

Bottom line, Wally is a joke and both characters deserve better. Reunite Wyatt and Flo or let him reconnect with Katie. A Batie/Watie triangle would be interesting IMO. As for Sally, she'd look better with anyone else. I will be on board with Lally if the new triangle is Sally-Liam-Hope.

Quinn isn't right, though. Her negative feelings towards Sally are totally uncalled for, given what she has done and the way she worships Flo.

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