5 scenes in 4 minutes (Off Topic)

by GracieGirl, Monday, December 02, 2019, 2:49PM (6 days ago) @ Mariposaa

I think it’s OK to have one big story but it should be short and sweet and more of an ensemble performance. They have the talent. When they focus on one story at a time the fan bases are at odds over their favorite characters. One side feels like characters are being pushed down their throats. I am a big Hope fan but I’m so sick of her right now. I’m glad she got Douglas because I see Thomas as abusive, but I think it was not a good idea to try to make Hope as bad as Thomas to prove a point. That’s not a good reason to accept Thomas. If that’s all they are showing is this terrible fallout from Beth kidnapping then I have nothing to watch because that’s all they are showing.

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