Sally is more disgusting than ever, Quinn was right (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Monday, December 02, 2019, 2:30PM (6 days ago) @ Antigua
edited by Barbybo, Monday, December 02, 2019, 2:33PM

I don't even like Wyatt, but why would he stay with a woman who would drop him for his brother in a NY minute if Liam asked her?

Quinn was right all along. She has no redeeming qualities. A lying thief, a user, an opportunist who is desperate to cling to any man who gives her the time of day. She has zero appeal, zero ambition, zero personality, nothing.

She claimed to love Thomas but it didn't stop her from stealing MILLIONS of $$$ from his company and lying to his face about it. She stalked Liam and professed her love to him after he threw millions dollars at her.

Had she found Rick, Thorne, or Ridge instead of Wyatt on the beach, she would have jumped in bed with any Forrester or other rich guy. She sided with Thomas against Wyatt and now she calls him Liam?

She is soooo embarrassing to watch. Why would Quinn want such a disgraceful bum for her son? He needs to ditch her ASAP, he will be dodging a bullet.

I love sally she has spunk...she’s not a golddigger she’s a head designer, now a days young people have a lot of sex not like in the fifty’s where it wasn’t out in’s more acceptable, even lope , liam a live in lover and unwed mommy’s are acceptable times have changed, hey I don’t think for better but to each their own..what mom wouldn’t want thei daughter married to a nice guy no past wives and no other children ...unfortunately it’s not allways that way....sally was never married has no kids she’s a good catch

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