Annika Noelle SOD Interview (Spoilers)

by AnnieB, Friday, November 22, 2019, 6:59PM (13 days ago) @ tarantula

The interesting bits:

She says -

With Thomas back, the truth will eventually come to light which could threaten Hope's relationship with Liam

Liam was never a fan of the custody arrangement and now this latest development affects the dynamic between Hope and Thomas

There will be a very interesting power play between Hope and Thomas

Hope could use Liam's support, and lets hope she gets it

Yeah is Liam doing? Douglas told lope he is sacred of Thomas. And I know Liam has others kids. But you don't ignore a kid when they are in trouble. Douglas is Liam's family too. I don't understand why he is just sitting back. Liam should be convincing Ridge and Steffy to get Thomas help. He doesn't care? I hope Hope dumb his sorry butt!

I have NEVER heard Douglas say he's afraid of his father. He asks for him all the time. That is just not true.

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