Less than 24 hours later (General Discussion)

by AnnieB, Friday, November 22, 2019, 6:52PM (13 days ago) @ Kammie

Yeah, Thomas' appearance. He will appear before she can get out the door. It was written this way to try to make Brooke and Hope look like they would never would have told... I give them both a lot of credit for wanting to fess up before any lies could catch up with them and being blackmailed into it. However I know some will still think just because the had intentions doesn't mean they would have...Yet this is completely different from the other characters "intentions" because they still haven't told the complete truth or they are still demanding others not to tell because "They would never survive in prison".

You are right. I think Hope and Brooke should be reamed for their lying to everybody. Especially after they put out how much better they are than Flo, Zoe, and everybody else. Hope is the biggest hypocrite on this show.

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