White Wash For Sure (General Discussion)

by LadyMac @, Friday, November 22, 2019, 4:40PM (13 days ago) @ Barbybo

I do not like nor will I forgive Thomas but I give the program this. I am tired of the see-saw back and forth with Liam so I am ready for her to let him go for good. and I have no doubt IF Hope can forgive Thomas for all he has done, then could have a love affair that would sizzle. And a happy little family except for Beth. There would always be Liam there sharing that custody which would eventually include Steffy.


I woukd rather Thomas get help that he needs and leave Hope alone. I also want Steffy to at least try to be a strong independent woman and let go of Liam. Steffy and Thomas can't seem to understand that Hope and Liam dont want them. They have no pride.

Thomas is just as stupid as Steffy..neither gets that Hope/Liam just ain't into them. In the end, Thomas will crash and burn just like his sister.

Steffys ceo beautiful child and more mature than the rest..I see no crash or burn she’s doing great and man she’s gorgeous

Meh... I don't care for trash.

Liam: "We were meant to be, Hope, and I will always believe that..." June 3, 2019

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