Brooke, Ridge and Taylor (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Monday, November 11, 2019, 9:24AM (68 days ago) @ Liz

Brooke was the interloper for Tridge, I haven't forgotten all her lies and her manipulations to come between them, how she used her sexuality, she faked a pregnancy, hid a letter, she used her children to guilt trip him, she even put a bed in his office in order to seduce him, if Sheila didn't kill her they would never have broken up,

Everyone lied and manipulated, including Brooke. But, I'm more concerned with Thomas's portrayal of Ridge and Brooke. He says that Ridge went back and forth and that Brooke destroyed his family. That doesn't ring true. From what I remember, Taylor destroyed that when the truth about her having sex with James came to light.

Thomas was Brooke's number 1 supporter for a very long time so this sudden narrative is a joke

I'm with you. That's the way I remember Thomas and Brooke's relationship.

Once upon a time, Thomas believed himself to be in love with Brooke. Maybe the rejection has caused some resentment in him and that drives the false narrative.

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