Brooke, Ridge and Taylor (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Monday, November 11, 2019, 9:20AM (68 days ago) @ Liz

I am hoping someone who remembers can remind those of us who are a bit foggy with the history when Ridge ever walked away from Taylor and the family and took up with Brooke. Thomas has been whining about how Brooke destroyed his family and how his dad would go back and forth between Brooke and Taylor. I just don't remember it that way. Seems to me that the only time since the birth of Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe that Ridge was with Brooke was when Taylor was thought to be dead. When Taylor returned, Ridge remarried her and stayed with her and the family until Ridge learned about Taylor's betrayal and divorced her. Even then, Brooke wasn't the least bit interested in reuniting with Ridge. It took years before Brooke and Ridge got together again. So, when did this back and forth happen and how exactly is Brooke responsible for destroying Thomas's family?

You remember correctly which is why I get really annoyed when Thomas claims Ridge left the family for Brooke. He never did. By the way, Steffy whines about the very same thing and says Ridge leaving the family has caused her "abandonment issues". Either Bell is actually trying to rewrite history or the two characters just make stuff up to play the victim card. Either way, I don't like it.

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