Brooke knows Thomas is dead and doesn't tell Ridge? (General Discussion)

by BBDownunder, Sunday, November 10, 2019, 8:35PM (34 days ago) @ LRDbold&beautiful

Seriously? The cover up by Brooke and Hope is the way this is going to play out?! So next week Ridge and Steffy are at forester in their office working and their Son/Brother is dead in a vat of acid in the building? What kind of evil vile monsters are Brooke and Hope not to tell his family!!! This is just as bad as her killing him in the first place after manipulating his feeling for her! Not call for help? Not telling anyone what happened? Brooke spewing lies that Hope was defending herself? Hope was NEVER in danger! Truth be told Thomas was trying to get her to calm down and go back to the office and talk and to get out of that dangerous location. Yet here we have the hypocritical delusional Brooke telling her princess lies that it was self defense! I just can't with these two! They both need to go to jail for a long time! How could these writers go there with a cover up of the body of a family member! It's still Brooke's stepson and her husbands son! She is an evil NASTY woman. There is no redeeming her or Hope after this.

Hope reacts every single time. Thats what causes all the chaos around her.

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