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by muppetfish @, Saturday, November 09, 2019, 9:48AM (70 days ago) @ Lilgan

noy sure if this is for Thanksgiving :grrr

This is for Thanksgiving. This pic came with the spoilers for Thanksgiving.
Hope and Liam are looking forward to spending their first thanksgiving with Beth in family.

Looks like Liam isn’t going anywhere. :rofl He only went to Steffy because Hope wasn’t paying attention to him and he knew that Steffy will always worship him. Once Hope’s focus will be back on him, it will be ‘Steffy who?’

Hope never pays attention to Liam unless he's with somebody Else. That's why lope Will implode.
Hope is just Being her crazy self and Liam is already backing away from her. Good for her that cement baby Beth and now cement kid Doug Will keep Liam by her side a little longer :rofl

Hope has a life outside of Liam. She can’t sit on her couch all day only talking about him or thinking about it him.
Liam already Steffy to do the worshipping.
Beth isn’t a cement baby. When they thought she was dead Liam still wanted to be with Hope. It took drugs to get Liam in Steffy’s baby.
Kelly on the other hand is playing her role as the glue baby just fine. First her mother used her to get Liam back after she cheated with her FIL and now she using Kelly again to lure Liam to her. The baby sleeps all day unless she’s needed to get Liam to come over :rofl

There's a difference between having a life besides your relationship and actively keeping your partner out of the loop of your actions and further plans. Hope is doing the latter and that is a problem. That's why Liam has been annoyed with hope in pretty much every scene since Brooke brought over adoption Papers.

Beth is a cement baby. Dialogue established that imo. Just like dialogue established Liam forgave steffy and that Kelly wasn't the only reason he went back to steffy. Twice. We'll see how Liam reacts to hope's betrayal i guess.

Kelly was conceived in love, in wedlock after a period of trying. Not after a Rebound floor romp with a married man. Guess Liam should just ditch Kelly since she makes hope so insecure and can't stand seeing Liam Being a dad to her :roll

Beth was never used to keep her parents together. Even when she was kidnapped Liam still wanted to be with Hope.
Steffy didn’t hesitate to use her unborn child to get Liam back after her nasty romp with Bill.
It almost worked until Liam picked Hope again.
Now Liam only treats her like a baby mama. They have nothing left except the fact that they are co-parenting their glue baby. It should be enough for Steffy but she’s still thirsty for Hope’s man and Hope’s baby.

Not what happened but sure :neutral

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