Run Liam Run (General Discussion)

by muppetfish @, Saturday, November 09, 2019, 5:26AM (36 days ago) @ Ozboldfan

Disagree entirely.
Though I understand how you feel, if you like Hope. Logical reaction. She can never do anything wrong. Even child thief & manslaughter is no big deal & excused, apparently. Steffy supporters are the same. Always Liam's fault, but the girls are saints.
I 'tolerate' LoPe but I like Liam a lot more than Hope. & right now I think he deserves a THOUSAND times better than her.
If Liam was scheming, going after SB else's child & possibly causing his death, I would not defend his actions.
& if Liam was doing to Hope what Hope has done to Liam this year, I doubt he would get a pass. Let him marry Hope again, slap her with annulment papers next time she is grieving a dead baby, & marry a psychopath 2 days later. Let Liam go stealing SB's chiild & not telling Hope what he is up to. I bet he would be called Satan. :roll :roll :roll
Maybe I will like Hope again soon, depending on what happens. But right now, I cant even stand to look at her. :cry :cry :cry

agree she is the worst

Never had that with km. I never liked hope but never despised her like i do NuHope.

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