Hope DID NOT kill that weasel (General Discussion)

by poprox, Saturday, November 09, 2019, 1:31AM (26 days ago) @ firedog2

I don't agree. Hope is to blame

Feel free to disagree.

Hope had to get away from a psychotic sexual predator.

She slipped away and clumsy Thomas went overboard.

Don't worry, he will be BACK.;-)

I agree Popr !!! - it was too dark to see anything and we didn’t see Hope in the building earlier, nobody else appears to be there, so how could she possibly have known what was in that vat ?

All we saw was Thomas telling her that little Douglas was “in a storeroom “ and implying that Douglas was on his own in that storeroom, and the we see him continuing to put moves on Hope

It’s a terrible way to die, but Hope was only pushing him away from her in the dark laundry room

You betcha, firedog. Thomas will arise another day, doncha worry.


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