What’s happening on this show (General Discussion)

by amerime @, Florida, Saturday, November 09, 2019, 1:30AM (14 days ago) @ GracieGirl

Brooke pushes Thomas thinking he’s attacking Hope. He ends up in hospital. Hope says she misunderstood. Hope supposedly pushes Thomas in acid and says she’s has no other choice. Am I the only one who thinks Thomas falling off of or into something is a overplayed plot? A vat of acid at a fashion house? It’s all illogical story to me. I want to find something to appreciate but this is as crazy as it gets.

I found the scene very unrealistic. Hope did not use force. She brushed aside Thomas' unwanted advances to get by- she did not shove him over stair railing. His imbalance was due to out side means.

I think the drugs Thomas are on have made him unbalanced. He dived over that rail like he cartwheeled over those hedges.

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