What’s happening on this show (General Discussion)

by beachboy※, Saturday, November 09, 2019, 12:24AM (26 days ago) @ GracieGirl

I am as confused as you are. Somehow, Bell is trying to sell Thomas, Shauna and Flo as the big big villains of this story, and he is trying to paint Hope and Brooke as the holy heroines. Except I feel like the roles are being reversed. Hope and Brooke keep calling Thomas violent and dangerous, even though he has never physically hurt Douglas or Hope. Brooke and Hope think Shauna and Flo deserve a life imprisonment because they didn't tell Hope about Beth. Fine. I could understand them if they weren't just as bad. We have Brooke, who has a notorious past for lying and keeping babies away from men like Deacon, Bill and Ridge. Flo saved her sister's life and she didn't even blink. Now we have Hope, using fraudulent methods to gain custody of another man's child. One pushed him off a cliff and lied to the police. The other one caused him to fall into a vat and will likely leave him for dead and become Douglas' mother. Is Bell serious? No way I condone what Flo, Shauna and Thomas did, but Bell is making them look damn good, next to Hope and Brooke. Bell needs to make a decision now. Either Brooke-Hope are the heroines, or they are villains.

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