Thomas fell into the vat but... (General Discussion)

by mutzi, Friday, November 08, 2019, 2:13PM (11 days ago) @ krort

Well we will have all weekend to ponder that cliffhanger.

But it would seem that he did indeed sign the adoption papers so he did not pull a fast one there with "gotcha".

Funny no one else is around this dangerous area and somehow I guess we are to believe that Thomas will fight his way out, go MIA. Will Hope find Douglas?


I am sure leaving a "vat" of dangerous chemicals with simply a caution ribbon and an unlocked "balcony" over the vat is an OSHA violation. I know it is a MIOSHA violation and I would bet it is also a violation of health and safety in California. Obviously, B&B does not adhere to these realities.

It certainly looks like Thomas fell in, but I still remember when Thorne found Stephanie unconscious from a heart attack on a Friday when he was in love with Brooke and Monday it was his imagination, worrying what might happen to his mother's heart if he and Brooke married. And considering dogs and minor characters have been described as important family members in past deaths, I will reserve judgment. Thomas may have had a near miss and been imagining that he fell in. Then, he goes into hiding so everyone will mourn him and when he returns, Hope will marry him or some such nonsense.

But the bottom line is no responsible workers with hazardous product would leave it unattended. I live for the day of an even halfway realistic dramatic story on the show.

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