Thomas fell into the vat but... (General Discussion)

by krort @, Friday, November 08, 2019, 2:13PM (11 days ago) @ tercor123
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tercor123 said:<<<<Thomas was pushed>>>>

Let's be fair and tell the entire story. Hope did not push Thomas into the vat. He was holding her arms, pleading once again to her how much he LOVED her, they deserved to be a family and she finally broke loose and pushed him back so she could get around him. He had her cornered in. She ran off and Thomas then turned to go after her and he either slipped or fell between the lower railing over the vat and went SPLAT.

It bubbled and gurgled and hissed, but he makes it face up just lying there. He does not look like the Joker. Whether Hope even knows it or not or her just running to find Douglas.


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