From SOD Hope on next week's scene with Ridge (General Discussion)

by Ritz @, Friday, November 08, 2019, 9:31AM (11 days ago) @ Brenda3

The way the jerk has treated her over the years, she shouldn't worry about "disappointing" him. No loving father would have forced a child that he considered his to go to a party and toast to the sister after what she did. A loving father would have understood and let her stay home. He is only kind to her when she sits back and allow his entitled brats to walk all over her.

That jerk was the one that told her that Liam was married it was done and she should walk away.
So, she didn't listen to him and went on to become the international sensation of lying to her fans, crashing a clothing line, drugs and a becoming what she always claimed not to want to be her mother. She has zero respect for marriage and others. Maybe if she had taken his advice her life would have been what it should have been or at least what she claimed she wanted it to be but she is the homewrecker that her mother should be proud of.

True. If Ridge was not disappointed in Hope before, I don’t know why he would be now. Hope gets to do whatever she wants and everyone just continues to sing her praises. Since Ridge was fine with what Hope did to Steffy and Kelly last year, I am assuming that there is nothing she could do that would tarnish her halo in Risge’s eyes. :puke

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