Who's going into the vat? (General Discussion)

by DDT, Friday, November 08, 2019, 9:29AM (11 days ago)

It feels like the acid vat is such a random thing - and honestly something I don't imagine a CEO would be involved with normally to the extent that they've pulled Ridge into it. So it seems obvious that someone will die or be injured by it.

Spoilers indicate that people are looking for Thomas next week, so it seems like the obvious answer would be that Thomas falls in somehow - maybe he tries to force Hope into something she doesn't want, there's a chase etc. Having the dinner at the office was also weird and contrived IMO, so that would all fit.

But it is TOO obvious?

On the other hand, they could play it so that it appears as if Thomas COULD have gone into the vat, they find remains of someone who did go into the vat, but at some point that can turn out not to be Thomas after all but some worker or whatever and Thomas could then go underground for a while and turn up later - probably more demented and evil than ever.

Or maybe the whole acid vat thing is just to throw us off and it's just a red herring.

Or, maybe Thomas goes off to lick his wounds after realizing Hope was just playing him all along and we won't know for a while where he went or what he's doing.

I believe some have said that the actor who plays Thomas has gotten a movie role. All of this would give them time to either wait for his return or give a major pause between recasting if that's the way it goes.

I tend to think that Hope will get the papers signed before anything happens to Thomas (IF anything happens to Thomas) so Douglas can remain on scene.

Those are my thoughts - for what they're worth (2-cents maybe?) :-)

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