Bridge to the rescue... again? (General Discussion)

by Longtimer, Friday, November 08, 2019, 7:24AM (11 days ago)

Well, that question and many others.
So, both Ridge and Brooke are contemplating going to FC to rescue their own kid.... Hope is so determined to protect Douglas’s future that she can’t even see the trees in the forrest. FC, that is. Why is she not more concerned about where Thomas took Douglas??? She believes no one else is in the building. She’s okay with that? Does FC have a playroom where little kids can hangout unsupervised? Wake up and smell the coffee, girl.... or is that the smell of hydroelectric acid? Hmmm let’s see here.... Douglas gone; lethal fumes in the basement; Hope and Thomas busy “sealing the deal”.... something’s just a little bit off with this situation. Dontcha think?
I imagine Douglas will be at LEAST exposed to the disaster brewing in the basement.... Hopefully the parents get there in time to rescue the little boy, but I imagine he’ll be badly injured- at best.
Will Ridge finally be able to hear what everyone else is saying? Will this be the event that leads to Thomas’s incarceration or lockup someplace for the criminally insane? Probably.
But.... if so, shouldn’t mommy Hope be equally responsible for whatever happens?
I don’t think this little charade is gonna end well for anyone.
It kills me most that both Brooke and Hope are 200% sure that Thomas is a danger to Douglas but neither one of them is doing anything serious about it. Too much yapping and scheming to have the common sense to act on it appropriately.
Maybe Charlie will save the boy. Maybe he’ll lose his life in the process. Po Po Charlie. He’ll die a hero.

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