Sneak Peek at Next week (Spoilers)

by Lope2.0, Friday, October 11, 2019, 5:24PM (37 days ago) @ Barbybo

  • The Logan family is stunned by the revelation that Florence is Katie’s anonymous kidney donor.
  • Liam takes Beth to see Steffy and promises her that he will do everything he can to keep her in her life.
  • Thomas shares his plan with Zoe and asks her to join him.

And that’s liam ..plays two yet again ..he likes a back up zoe may be a plotter with Tom...very interesting ....can’t they drop the dumb liam triangle Bell need to hire a new dynamic man for Steffy....enough liam and these two doormat gals

Liam isn't playing Steffy. He slept with her because he was drugged and has been all about Hope since then. Not his fault if Steffy had her hopes up, took the first opportunity to sleep with him and got her heart broken again. There is only a triangle in Steffy's head. I don't see Liam waffling at all. Steffy should be thankful he has compassion and feeling sorry for her...

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