SOD spoilers for week of October 21 (Spoilers)

by PatriotGirl @, Wednesday, October 09, 2019, 5:32PM (14 days ago) @ amerime

Spoilers for the week of October 21

Hope pushes Liam to tell Steffy that Hope is his future.

Thomas tells Zoe that she is the inspiration behind his design.

Thanks Zaney. Sounds like Hope needs some more coddling. Too funny. :lol

IKR :rofl

LOL, sounds like Steffy is comfortable stepping back into the role of interloper. This time using Hope's child as a way to get to Liam. Asking someone to set boundaries is very mature.

Nowhere does it say Steffy uses Hope's child. That was Steffy's adopted daughter for the first eight months of her life and she misses her as any adopted parent would who has had to give a child back to the bio parents. Hope needs to get over her insecurities where Steffy is concerned. I'm surprised she hasn't pushed Liam for another wedding to cement her hold on him. Maybe Hope should make Liam get a tattoo on his hand with her name so he won't forget who "owns" him. :lol

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