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by ShortandSassy, Home of the Carolina Panthers :), Wednesday, October 09, 2019, 5:00PM (14 days ago) @ Brenda3

Entitled to know what is going on with her own child? She hasn't asked for shares to marry someone, that was Steffy. She didn't think she deserved to be CEO because of her last name that was Steffy, Ridge, Thorne, Rick and Thomas. Steffy, Thomas, Rick and Amber all thought they would get lines based on their last name. Steffy went to Ridge and tried to get HFTF cancelled because Hope married Liam and was pregnant and she was his daughter. When that didn't work she went to Hope herself. The Logan's sisters have had lines after themselves. We have Taylor's line just because she could. How about how Taylor used the fact she was sleeping with Eric to get Thomas farther in the company. Hope got A LINE she hasn't asked for more at FC but she is the only one. Hope may not be some innocent person but we have no idea if she is keeping Beth from Steffy lol.

Love with no regrets!!

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