SOD spoilers for week of October 21 (Spoilers)

by Drangonfly, Wednesday, October 09, 2019, 4:59PM (14 days ago) @ q

Hope truly is an insecure little brat. How much reassurance does one person need? Doesn't she have Liam AND his baby? And all while still married to Steffy's brother, yet SHE'S the one wanting Liam's constant reassurance. Grow up!

Maybe Steffy once again has to be reminded that Liam doesn't want her. He wants Hope. Steffy doesn't handle rejection very well.

Exactly. Steffy has spent her entire adult life trying to get Liam to love her as much as he loves Hope. She should take a hint.

"All she can think about is the well-being of these beautiful babies. It’s not about her at all. And she just wants what’s best for everyone involved.” - Annika Noelle on Hope

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