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Monday 10/14

The Logan family is stunned by the revelation of Katie's anonymous kidney donor. Brooke antagonizes Shauna; accusing her of using .Katie to hlp Flo with the Logans.

Tuesday 10/15

Wyatt drops by Flo's apartment on impulse to thank her for saving Katie's life. Thomas feigns regret to Brooke as she and Ridge fight over his place at Forrester Creations.

Wednesday 10/16

Ridge is taken aback when Shauna reveals that she kissed him when he was passed out. Thomas attempts to convince Shauna to help him drive a wedge between Ridge and Brooke.

Thursday 10/17

Thomas runs into Zoe in Vinny's building and she updates him on her current status. Steffy gets honest with Liam when he secretly brings baby Beth to visit.

Friday 10/18

Hope and Steffy argue over the pain they both endured with losing Beth... and Liam. Ridge grows concerned when Shauna reveals that Thomas knows about their kiss.

Well well. Liam secretly takes Beth to Steffy’s. No wonder Hope is upset. That’s really low.

I wonder why Liam feels he can't be honest with Hope? What's Hope's problem with bringing Beth to Steffy's for a visit?

She’s git him velcroed to her hip I don’t think she trusts him deep down why would she his track record stinks

she doesn't have him velcoed anywhere. Liam is exactly where he wants to be.

True sneaking his baby over to Steffy and not telling the entitled one.

:lol :lol

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