Flo's rationale made sense to me (General Discussion)

by slyster, Wednesday, October 09, 2019, 3:07PM (14 days ago)

Today Flo said she wanted to help her aunt. Then she said she & her mom were estranged from that side of the family & she hoped that if she could donate her kidney & do something good for her family it would not necessarily lead them to forgive her, but said "maybe I could start to forgive myself".

That hit home with me. Wonder if any of you have felt the same way? When I was in my teens & 20s I was a very different person than I am today. Hurt a LOT of people I loved, some were unintentional, some as a consequence of the lifestyle I led then, others just because I didn't value what I had. Later, when I straightened out I was able to mend relationships, be there for family members in need, and as a consequence I gradually learned to forgive myself for the mess my life had once become & how I hurt my family.

So I "get" Flo in that respect & also for her wanting to be anonymous.

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