Testing the other Logans (General Discussion)

by mutzi, Wednesday, October 09, 2019, 12:08PM (13 days ago) @ ShirleyB#1

Who can think of other Logans that could be tested for a kidney for Katie? Why not Donna's son Marcus, or Brooke's other kids, Rick, Bridget, RJ, or the baby she had with Nick via Taylor. Can anyone else think of others who could have been tested? Why, oh why the kidnap accessory to the crime.

Why not? In fact we should harvest criminals in prison for their organs, right?


In that case, welcome to Nazi Germany. That's the kind of thing they did and it is inhuman and disgusting.

thanks for the welcome....what those prisoners did was pretty inhuman and disgusting too...

Let me paraphrase something Sen. John McCain said about torture: It is not about what they did, it is about who we are. And I believe this applies equally to prisoners (many of whom did nothing as violent as what you are proposing) as it does to foreign combatants. And now, I am out of here.

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