You should know Brooke (from today's episode) (General Discussion)

by Lynette, Friday, September 13, 2019, 9:21PM (7 days ago) @ Kammie

Exactly, another reason why I loathe Taylor. She always managed to twist her misdeeds to make Brooke look bad. Then she would turn around with her pouting and playing the victim. Even when she got hold of Brooke's medical records she tried to make herself look good by claiming she did nothing wrong. Then got angry with Eric when he wouldn't side with her so she stomped her feet and walked out on him. I guess for her it was easy to because she did not care about Eric, she was only with him so he would side with S&T over H&R. Taylor may have won a few battles with Brooke, but she did not win the war.

100% accurate. I've always loathed Taylor. She's the biggest hypocrite the show ever had and I despise hypocrites.

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