Sally vs. Flo: Game on! (General Discussion)

by Drangonfly, Friday, September 13, 2019, 9:16PM (7 days ago) @ harper1

This could be good. I'm rooting for Sally all the way.

Also waiting to see if Wyatt becomes the waffler of the show. :-D

I like sally....one waffels enough

ITA . That title is reserved for Liam.

Liam will never be caught. 13 weddings in 9 years. :rofl If Liam doesn't waffle, he won't have much of a s/l. Happy couples get very little screen time. It's a death sentence. Look at Raya, Queric.

Wyatt doesn't have to catch up to Liam in the number of times he waffles to become the new waffler of the show. He just has to be the current waffler. :-D

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