Time to save Douglas from Thomas (General Discussion)

by Sissa @, Sweden, Thursday, September 12, 2019, 5:17AM (9 days ago) @ Lope2.0

Thomas is a murderer. He killed Emma and belongs in Jail and he abused Douglas

Go Brooke

I have no problem in removing Douglas from Thomas. It should be discussed between the Spencer and Forrester blood relations, the next of kin! That would include Bill (as Caroline’s Uncle) Ridge(as the boy’s grandfather) Karen (the boy’s grandmother) and Steffy (the boy’s paternal aunt). Liam and Wyatt have a say, but they are not the next of kin, they are only cousins—second cousin at that. Because of Steffy’s age and position, if none of the grandparents are willing and able, the choice should be between Bill and Steffy. Since Bill will marry Katie, if she doesn’t drop dead that is, I think that Douglas would be a perfect fit in the Spencer home.

Liam and Wyatt are also his godfathers. That's what Caroline wanted...

Yes, isn't that the purpose of godparents? To step up for the child if needed.

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