What world does Shauna live in? (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Thursday, September 12, 2019, 3:45AM (9 days ago) @ GracieGirl

I wonder if the show realizes how many people are disgusted with Flo. Shauna insists everyone will forgive Flo. Is that the shows message to us? I like Flo less today than I did a few weeks ago.

The thing is, she is probably right. Bell will have most if not all the characters forgive Flo and I predict it will happen before Thanksgiving. Same with Thomas. It will be as if nothing happened this year at all and we are on to the next story.

Having read the boards, I think there are some viewers who are already buying what Bell is selling but there are still many (including myself) who don't. Not sure how this will be reflected in the ratings and whether viewers will be interested in Flo's happily ever after storyline. I personally cannot be bothered. The lack of consequences on this show and Bell's obsession with insta redemption has ruined the show. We have a lot of the cast off screen for quite a long time when other storylines are running. It wouldn't have hurt to have Flo convicted and then sentenced to prison for a short period of time after striking a deal with the prosecution. Then keep her in jail for 6 months and get her released in some way. Yes, she should be in prison for years but I realise it is not going to happen unless they wrote the character off completely and Bell clearly doesn't want that. Having her convicted and spend some time in prison would have been a nice compromise. Alas, Bell insists on having her skate completely.The fact that she sat in jail for a couple of days and will never face justice is just a horrible message about such a serious crime as child trafficking. I wish viewers cared enough to rebel against this garbage but majority still watches on in silence.

I have similar issues with Thomas although in his case, I can buy the argument of no jail time since there is not enough evidence for him to stand trial. But the problem I have is that all he has to do is say "I am sorry", have a pity party and blame everything on Caroline's death and all is good.

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