Oh no you can’t Brooke!! (General Discussion)

by Kammie, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 9:39PM (10 days ago) @ Heather172

Brooke pushed him off a cliff and told a lie to Sanchez when he questioned her..... She blames Thomas for keeping his mouth shut about Beth, but she conveniently forgets all the times she kept her mouth shut about Ridge's baby, Deacon's baby, Bill's baby with her..... She has a son who went even further than Thomas (shooting Grant, shooting Caroline, attempted murder against Ridge).... Does she think he should lose custody of Lizzie?... Does she think she desered to lose custody of Hope and RJ?....

1) Brooke didn't lie, Thomas told Sanchez that it was an accident... Probably the only truth Thomas has told in the last 6 months.
2) What baby of Ridge? Thomas, that was Taylor's lie. Bill's baby? Why should she mention a baby to Bill that she lost? All it would do was disrupt his life and she was right. Funny how Taylor is the one who lied about Thomas' paternity, yet found it completely necessary to reveal that Brooke had a miscarriage to Katie and the family. Deacon's? Deacon knew before Brooke married Whip that he was Hope's father. He is the one who made no effort to be a father to Hope.
3) When did Rick shoot Caroline? When did Rick try to kill Ridge? Seems to me that it was Rick who fell off the roof during a fight with Ridge.

As for Brooke losing custody of Hope and RJ... Brooke left the children in the care of an adult. It was not her fault that the adult left the kids alone without ensuring they were in the care of an adult. The fire, again Brooke was not the one showing the kids to play with lighters and she was not the one who lost the lighter so the kids would find it... Also Brooke was not neglectful when she left the kids alone for 5 minutes to fix them their lunch... Also it is not Brooke's fault that Stephanie was so determined to snatch the kids from Brooke and setting her up to look like she was more interested in Andy than she was in the kids that Stephanie managed to encourage Andy by telling him where Brooke's spare key was located so that he would have access to her house so that he could violently rape Brooke. The next day, after court when Brooke was shaken, bruised, and in tears, Stephanie came over to taunt and gloat about the court order. So no Brooke did not deserve to lose custody of Hope and RJ. She did nothing wrong.

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