Oh no you can’t Brooke!! (General Discussion)

by Heather172, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 6:27PM (9 days ago) @ MegsMom

But Brooke doesn't know any of that.... Threatening to fire Flo and Zoe and warning they could be in jail if the secret comes out isn't blackmail.... He told them what would happen if they spilled the beans, and he wasn't wrong.... He never blackmailed anyone and if Flo felt threatened because he said she would go to jail, it's her problem... She had exactly 8 months to open her mouth, Thomas didn't even know and she still lied..... She is using Thomas as a scapegoat for her crimes but it just makes her more hypocrite and coward......
And if Thomas indeed killed Emma, the police would have found evidences.... Xander testified against hkm and told him everything he knew.... They made an investigation and they found nothing...... If his car didn't hit her, the only thing they can charge him with is tailgating....

Brooke pushed him off a cliff and told a lie to Sanchez when he questioned her..... She blames Thomas for keeping his mouth shut about Beth, but she conveniently forgets all the times she kept her mouth shut about Ridge's baby, Deacon's baby, Bill's baby with her..... She has a son who went even further than Thomas (shooting Grant, shooting Caroline, attempted murder against Ridge).... Does she think he should lose custody of Lizzie?... Does she think she desered to lose custody of Hope and RJ?....


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