Oh no you can’t Brooke!! (General Discussion)

by MegsMom, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 6:14PM (10 days ago) @ firedog2

Today’s episode was good in a way.. since I wanted Ridge to hear Brooke loud and clear.. I want him to see the kind of women he gave up his family for.
I want him to see and hear it all from the witch mouth!!

And shame it n you Ridge asking Brooke to take back Thomas into the house. He needs to stay out of Brooke house with his son.

Brooke didn’t you hear Douglas asking for his dad.. don’t you see how much that boy loves his dad and you want to keep him away from his father.

If you separate Thomas and Douglas not that you have a say in it.. you would be taking precious moments between a father and son.. doing exactly what Thomas did.

You can’t make Douglas a family with Hope and Liam they hate his father..you want to give him to Hope so that your daughter can be happy!!!

Except that he may be nuts, doesn't Thomas legally have more of a right to his son than Liam and Thomas's soon-to-be-ex-wife Hope ?

Sadly, yes he does. The only way that Brooke could try to keep Thomas away from Douglas is if she reported Thomas to the authorities, accusing him of emotionally abusing Douglas. At the very least, that would open an investigation, although I don't know if Douglas would be removed from the home while the investigation was ongoing. :neutral

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