Oh no you can’t Brooke!! (General Discussion)

by angry gal ⌂, Land Down Under, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 6:00PM (10 days ago) @ MegsMom

She is the queen of hypocrisy..... According to her, he deserves to rot in jail for years and shouldn't be around Douglas.... Why?.... Thomas has been definitely cleared regarding Emma's death.... The police investigated every details and concluded he isn't responsible (and if there is still a doubt, the writers themselves confirmed it in SOD).... and even if he murdered her, she wouldn't know it..... She doesn't know he drugged Liam..... Hope told her she wasn't in danger at the beach house.... And he definitely didn't hold a gun over her head when she made vows to him, so Brooke can't blame Thomas for that, she was a willing participant and marrying right away was her idea.....

The only thing Brooke has against Thomas is the fact that he lied about Beth..... Big deal, knowing the number of times she lied about babies, kept babies from their father, fakes pregnancies or abused her own daughter Bridget... And she just pushed him off a cliff and lied to the police.... Who is she to decide Thomas can't be around Douglas?.....

Technically Brooke is Douglas' stepgrandmother,.... and since Thomas is still married to Hope, she is still her father's MIL...... But apart from that, she has no legal right to keep Douglas from his father..... Yes, it's also clear that Douglas loves his father and wants to be with him.... Nothing Brooke says will change that...

Sorry, but that's not what Sanchez told Ridge. Thomas wasn't absolved in Emma's death. There wasn't enough evidence to lay charges. Big difference. And Thomas went far and above just lying. He used threats, blackmail and coercion to force others to remain silent so he could snag an emotionally fragile Hope. Whatever Brooke has done in the past has no bearing on what Thomas has done. She has every right to feel as she does and has just as much right to protect her daughter and her daughter's family from a man who has proven himself to be a sick, twisted, manipulative sociopath as Ridge does to protect that same man. And unlike Ridge, Brooke has the legal right to deny Thomas living in her house if not legally keep him away from Douglas.

:love Agree 100% Ridge seems to forget who's house this is and Brooke has every right to say who can or can't be in her house. Ridge is making too many assumptions as he himself is a guest in Brooke's house because he married her. Surely Ridge can afford to buy a house of his own then he can dictate who is welcome and who is not as long as he's living in Brooke's house he has no right to even give a opinion. Ridge forgot that he tried to steal Thomas's son and keep Thomas away from Douglas when he was born and now he stands there sanctimoniously telling Brooke that Thomas is staying in Brooke's house and that she can't do anything about it ...well lets see how far he will get with that as for keeping Thomas away from Douglas well all it will take is one call to Karen and Danni letting them know what Thomas has been up to I'm sure that they won't allow Thomas to raise Douglas.

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