Parental Delusions (General Discussion)

by MegsMom, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 4:45PM (10 days ago)

No parent wants to accept that the child they raised is mentally or emotionally unstable. That they're sick and seriously need help. Ridge is no exception, but he's certainly pushing the envelope when it comes to being short sighted when it comes to Thomas. Today, he repeatedly says to Brooke that Thomas "made a mistake". That he was a young guy and made a mistake. As if being young somehow justifies what Thomas did. In my neck of the woods, making a mistake is locking the keys in the car not making the decision to withhold life altering information from someone you declare you love. And Ridge consistently overlooks that Thomas' transgressions didn't end with not telling Hope that Beth was alive. Thomas threatened people with dire consequences if they didn't do what he wanted. That Thomas threatened and harassed a young girl who subsequently died. Just because there wasn't enough evidence to lay charges, doesn't absolve Thomas for his actions. That he stood at the top of that ravine, watched the life end for a young woman, smirk in satisfaction and then walked away without calling for help. Does Ridge really consider such actions something as simple as "a mistake"? Now he thinks it's fine and dandy to have Thomas just waltz back into the house as if nothing happened? With no consideration how that would affect Hope and Liam, but especially Hope? Brooke may have no legal way to keep Douglas from Thomas (short of accusing and reporting him for abuse), but she has every right to refuse to have Thomas living under her roof. But there stands Ridge, seemingly totally oblivious to reality. Or then again, perhaps he just doesn't give two hoots about the impact of Thomas' actions on the rest of the family, including Steffy. Just my two cents. :neutral

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