Few Happy Campers (General Discussion)

by q, Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 8:19PM (11 days ago) @ MegsMom

Other than Ridge and Shauna (and I would assume Taylor), the release of Flo and no charges laid against Thomas will make few folks happy campers. Both Brooke and Steffy have declared that Flo is getting what she deserves and in Steffy's case, she hopes Flo rots in jail. Katie and Donna aren't far behind in their condemnation. Naturally, Hope and Liam are in agreement. So what happens when everyone finds out the deal Ridge makes? We know Brooke's going to blow a gasket, but just how is Steffy going to react? Daddy Dearest, who usually always has her back and is her strongest champion, turns Flo loose from jail in order to spare his sociopath son the humiliation of his part in the coverup being exposed during a trial. Thomas, the brother who Steffy declared will no longer be a part of her life, not only gets off legally but is the reason Flo will skate as well. Will Steffy disown dear old Dad? :neutral

I think what ticks me off is why does Det. Sanchez think this is Ridge's decision to make?

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