The hypocrisy of Bill, Ridge, Steffy, Brooke, Liam, etc... (General Discussion)

by ClemaxDna, Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 5:19PM (11 days ago)

It makes me want to support Flo, Shauna and Thomas. I know they did something terrible and I won't forget it, but all these hypocrites are no better.

Ridge stole Douglas from Thomas and was gonna raise him as his son. Years ago he killed someone and frammed his brother for it. Recently he corrupted a judge and sent Bill oer a balcony.

Bill blew up a building with his son inside. He tried to steal Amber's baby when he thought she was Liam's. He destroyed Liam and Steffy's family with Kelly. Kicked Ridge off a helicopter.

Steffy didn't mean to kill her cousin but she lied to everyone about what happened. She sent her other cousin to hospital twice. She broke up Thomas' only healthy relationship, she knew Caroline wasn't dying but she let him abandon everything. Years ago she was mean to Hope, and Katie in particular.

Brooke almost killed Thomas and she didn't even tell Sanchez the truth. She has also wrecked families and hurt countless people. She never sold a baby, keeping secrets about babies is familiar for her. She tried to steal Thomas from Ridge, tried to steal Deacon from Hope and I know there are more examples. I know her son Rick did shady things and tried to kill more than once, but she never turned on him.

Liam is one of the most clean characters but I can't take his snarky comments. He is no saint Chasing married women is familiar for him. He has hurt a lot of people. He wanted to steal Wyatt's baby. His father is a nutjob but he always forgives him no matter what.

I can include Sally, Wyatt and other characters in this list.

It annoys me when Brooke says Thomas deserves to sit behind bars for years. When Steffy says Flo deserves to rot in jail. When Bill says they will all pay for what they did. When Liam yells at an unconscious men. When the Logan sisters rebuke Shauna for protecting her daughter. The truth is Brooke, Ridge, Bill, Steffy, all the Forresters and some other characters have all done horrible things and should all be in jail.

It makes me want to forgive the villains of this story. They aren't worse than anyone else and if they deserve jail, they all should join them.

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