Beautiful smile from Douglas (General Discussion)

by LiveThroughThis, Friday, August 16, 2019, 4:54AM (120 days ago) @ BarnesZee

Just watching the reveal - Liam is holding Beth and has just told Steffy it’s Beth and Douglas has just the cutest smile on his face. I know this is old news now for most viewers but I just had to comment on how cute he was. :love

Oh, it’s not old news for me those were some of my absolute favorite scenes. What about earlier when Douglas is trying to convince Liam and at the same time Beth keeps hitting him with her DaDa’s. It’s cuteness overload between the two of them tag teaming Liam. I love it! Douglas is so good in all of his scenes. :love

That baby is too cute to handle! :lol I liked the little nod of acknowledgement from Liam to Douglas too.

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