liam got sad over the idea of thope having sex (General Discussion)

by cranberryboy, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 8:32PM (122 days ago) @ Steamfan339

liam had no right to get to be sad about hope having sex on her honeymoon

This storyline is so idiotic. I like Liam, I adore SC. But the writing for him is just awful. Why the hell would he even care if Hope had sex with her husband. She MARRIED him, for the life of me. Is having sex worse than making VOWS, in his delusional mind? Smh

I hardly remember Lope kissing 3 times when they were married. I think during the short time Hope was dating/engaged/married to Thomas, they were shown on screen making out twice more than Lope during their entire marriage. Hope obviously didn't mind Thomas sticking his tongue down her throat again and again and again, including before she got the annulment. She stood in front of him, looked Liam in the yes and still made vows to Thomas. It doesn't change the fact that she was already lying to him and keeping kisses from him before the annulment papers were signed. It won't change the fact that Hope broke her wedding vows to a completely faithful and flawless husband, and married another guy. Literally a few days later. It amazes me that he still even cares whether they consummated it or not. He did the same with Hott/Lope. Hope dropped him at the altar like a hot potato, married Wyatt and he was still forgiving her. This isn't love. Right now, the only way Liam won't look bad is if Hope has to beg him for forgiveness for 9 months. Apologizes for hurting him while he was grieving his baby. Apologizes and comes clean about Thomas proposing to her and kissing her when they were still married. Comes clean about the letter. Admits she hurt him immensely. Do things properly with THomas (fill annulment papers, sign them) And begs Liam to take her back for month. I don't blame Liam, I blame Bell. This is just ridiculous. Liam is an even bigger fool and bigger doormat than Hope and Steffy reunited, if he takes Hope back now. The writing for Lope absolutely atrocious, inconsistent, iillogical, unrealistic. :puke

If I were Liam I would be glad Hope didn’t have sex with that monster too. He knew she didn’t love him.

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