liam got sad over the idea of thope having sex (General Discussion)

by JayCee_II, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 8:28PM (157 days ago) @ Hit-Girl

liam had no right to get to be sad about hope having sex on her honeymoon

Liam is entitled to his feelings. He didn't want his marriage to Hope annulled so, of course, he's going to feel some kind of way about Hope having sex with another man.

I think he should be more upset with Hope for the way she treated him! She is still a married woman for now! Not saying he should hate her or never talk to her again! But right now, she doesn't deserve him! She has her baby, finally! She has what she desperately wanted! She needs to focus on her baby and Douglas! She has a million reasons to be happy now! Why does she have to have Liam served on a silver platter too? She can't win everything, it's unfair! :mad

Soooo... Since Hope has recovered Beth, Steffy should get Liam like he's some kind of consolation prize? Doesn't Liam have a say in this? Of course, he does and it's up to him to decide who or what he deserves.

It's just soap...

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