So did the police arrest flo? (General Discussion)

by Steamfan339 ⌂ @, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 8:04PM (158 days ago) @ Barbybo

Did anybody call police.?

Why would Liam and Hope call the police. Did they call the police when Quinn pushed Ivy off a bridge and sabotaged their umpteenth wedding? Nope. Maybe when Quinn gets arrested for several deliberate attempted murders, multiple rapes against injured man, kidnapping and get thrown in jail for the rest of her sorry life, Flo going to jail will make sense. Until then, she should just get called out, lose her job, lose her boyfriend, hit the botton and try to make up the the people she hurt. She isn't going to jail, sorry.

That would be horrible no jail

So you're ok with Quinn pushing Deacon off a cliff, pushing Ivy off a bridge, raping and abducting Liam (possibly killing Ricardo)... You are ok with Quinn getting away with everything and getting REWARDED, but Flo should be in jail because of ONE big crime? Sorry, it doesn't make sense. :neutral

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