Douglas the hero and star of the show! (General Discussion)

by BarnesZee, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 6:41PM (123 days ago) @ Tiqui1999

I cannot stop smiling when I see Douglas! Wasn't he outstanding yet again today?

Everyone wants Douglas, but I still think he really should be with Aunt Steffy. I'm not saying the others won't care for him, but he could help her at this time, I think, and she could help him.

He's so cute in his little white sneakers. :love

Yes. It's too bad Ridge still didn't get it. He told the boy that Thomas hadn't meant to hurt Hope. Douglas saw it very simply Hope was hurting. Saying it to Hope would stop the hurting. SMH, Ridge.

Yeah that was a SMH for me too. Douglas again there sort of wasn’t having it. He just said again his mom told him not to lie, I was so happy too see him today. I was soft clapping...yeah !!! :lol

Brooke: “There were times I was so worried about her. I wasn’t sure she was going to make it because of her grief.”

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