liam got sad over the idea of thope having sex (General Discussion)

by BarnesZee, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 6:23PM (123 days ago) @ JayCee_II

liam had no right to get to be sad about hope having sex on her honeymoon

Liam is entitled to his feelings. He didn't want his marriage to Hope annulled so, of course, he's going to feel some kind of way about Hope having sex with another man.

Hope certainly didn’t want to, was sad and terrified over it, so I’d say she and Liam were on the same page! Now, if they can just find out about him drugging Liam that would be even better.:-D

Brooke: “There were times I was so worried about her. I wasn’t sure she was going to make it because of her grief.”

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