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by Spursgirl, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 6:11PM (157 days ago) @ Zaneygray

she has no support in her time of need ridge should stay the night with his daughter

Exactly what was predicted. Steffy is going to have to go through all this alone. EVERYONE was there to support Hope, and no one is there for Steffy.

Ridge said that he wanted to stay, but Steffy didn't want it. Nobody can force a grown woman to spend time with anyone. I guess that the next days we will see how Steffy will be treated by everyone. I've heard that the crew filmed more in the cliff house.

Taylor and Thomas should be there for Steffy, but they won't be...

I find it quite unbelivable and poor writing that Steffy didn't want it after we saw her collapse in her father's arms in extreme grief. But with the Logan family and Bridge being shoved down viewer's throats then I expect nothing less.

Well you can only blame the writers then. Tbh I also find it unbelievable, but on the other hand... Maybe Steffy wants to spend time with Kelly and think things through. I don't see what is shoved down the viewer's throat? I often just turned the tv off when I didn't like something.

Don't worry, my tv is off. What has been shoved down our throats is the whole Hope and Liam and stolen baby storyline, to the exclusion of almost every other story or character on the show. Even the actors have mentioned it, as well as opinion columns and social media.

Really. I'm burned out on the whole thing. Don't care anymore. Let's just move on.


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