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by Liz @, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 5:29PM (158 days ago) @ Curiosity12

she has no support in her time of need ridge should stay the night with his daughter

Isn't this the same woman who wanted to raise two children on her own? While I appreciate that she's heartbroken, Steffy is a strong woman. If she needs someone, she can call numerous people.

I do agree with this sentiment, but in this case, a girl needs her daddy even if she won't admit it. He should have stayed.

I haven't watched today's show yet. However, I am on the fence as to whether Ridge is the best person to calm Steffy down. I find him very tangent prone these days. He might get her all worked up and that wouldn't be good for Steffy.

Taylor is worse though. She just fills her head with delusions. I mean every time Steffy was accepting the idea Liam was gone and she had to move on, Taylor was whispering in her ear how unfair it was that Hope "took her husband" and how they belong together. :drunk
I just don't trust anything smart to come out of Taylor's mouth these days. Ridge is a slightly better option. He is also a bit delusional when it comes to Liam and what is best for Steffy but he is a bit more practical.

Taylor is definitely worse than Ridge but I find Ridge a little unpredictable these days. His support of Thomas and Thomas' need to be with Hope was strange.

It was strange but I think he may have been motivated by any or all of the following:
1. Ridge may have felt sorry for Thomas and Douglas and perhaps he simply didn't want to oppose Thomas' idea of happiness and Douglas' chance of gaining a loving stepmother.
2. Apart from Sally, Thomas has never had a healthy romantic relationship. Maybe Ridge thought if Hope was actually ready and willing to marry Thomas then maybe it's Thomas' chance at normalcy.
3. Thomas marrying Hope would liberate Liam for Steffy.

I think Steffy was definitely a factor but I also believe it wasn't the only thing. Thomas has been troubled for most of his life and Hope could have been a balancing influence on him. At least in Ridge's eyes.

You may be right about the Steffy factor. However, anyone with eyes and a brain could see that Hope was not ready for a relationship let alone a marriage. I don't know how many times Brooke pointed that out to him but he remained oblivious. IMO, he looked offended that Brooke didn't support the pairing. It was really really dumb.

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