Episode count 1st semester 2019 (General Discussion)

by BoldMarco, Sunday, July 14, 2019, 5:27AM (92 days ago) @ BuckyBoy

Wow, so Hope has 21 episodes more than Liam. And almost 2x more than Steffy, Brooke, Ridge and Bill. She is on 85% of the episodes. Don't think anyone has ever had a higher percentage. She hasn't been on 19 episodes, and I bet 17 of them were still all about Hope propping. It's definitely the Hope show.

Brooke was definitely in a bigger per cent of the episodes when the show was all about her. No single character should dominate this show like Brooke, Steffy and Hope all in turn have done.

Edit: for example, between episodes 4479 and 4856 (377 episodes), Brooke did not appear in 45 episodes. That's roughly 88 %.

KKL comes to Australia a lot for her kaftans and she was also here for I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here...correct me if I’m wrong but I think it (rightly after 32 years) suits her to not dominate the episode count so that she can get away to focus on her personal projects without putting a spanner in a major storyline.

It is meant to be an ensemble cast, so I’m certainly with you that no single actor or couple of actors should dominate the storylines...if I were an actor of a certain caliber, I’d certainly be miffed if the same actors were getting the spotlight all the time (not their fault I know, but it would be hard not to be annoyed about it).

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