Next big storyline? (General Discussion)

by BoldMarco, Sunday, July 14, 2019, 5:19AM (92 days ago) @ BuckyBoy

With the baby reveal apparently on the horizon, what do people think is going to be the next big storyline and who will it involve?

I’m hoping and praying for 2-3 big storylines utilising many more of the cast up front and centre...am I asking for too much?

We’re lucky to get Bill, Katie, Sally, Eric, Quinn once a month these days,

Who do I think it will involve? Liam, Steffy and Hope. Who else?
Who do I want it to involve? Anybody else. Preferably Pam and Charlie (WHO NEED TO MARRY ALREADY!!!!)

Sadly I think you are right on your first point.

Missed opportunity having Donna come back going head to head with Quinn...the Pam vs Quinn semi-story was pulled just as it was gaining steam....could always be resurrected, involving Donna too...

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