Next big storyline? (General Discussion)

by BoldMarco, Sunday, July 14, 2019, 5:17AM (92 days ago) @ Curiosity12

With the baby reveal apparently on the horizon, what do people think is going to be the next big storyline and who will it involve?

I’m hoping and praying for 2-3 big storylines utilising many more of the cast up front and centre...am I asking for too much?

We’re lucky to get Bill, Katie, Sally, Eric, Quinn once a month these days,

Bell hasn't written any major storylines for other characters in years. Just fillers to give the actors in the triangle a short rest or storylines that still somehow involve the triangle.

Therefore, I think you are asking too much. I do think Bell will write a quick sloppy storyline sometime soon to give his faves a little break but it will probably be as bad as the custody story last year since he isn't serious about it.

I figure you may well be right. AN’s surely going to need a holiday soon, which means an exit for Hope for a little while. I could be wrong but as the actor leading the episode count by a decent margin for the first half of this year, I suspect a break for Hope is on the horizon...

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